I was born in Cordoba, Spain in 1972. I studied Fine Arts in the Santa Isabel de Hungria School of Arts, in the University of Sevilla, Spain. In 1995, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Artwork Restoration and Conservation. Shortly after graduation, I dedicated myself to the care of my newly formed family, but always kept a close relationship to art by painting as a hobby and by teaching art at several High Schools for sixteen years.


My family and I relocated to Raleigh, NC in 2014, but it was not until 2016 that I decided to pick up the brush and paint again. During a visit to an art exhibition I felt powerfully drawn to a photography book: “Advance Style. Older and Wiser”, by Ari Seth Cohen. In this book I found stories of mature men and women that exuded freedom, freedom of mind, freedom in the way they dressed, freedom in the way they faced life’s challenges. The freedom that the wisdom acquired with the passage of time and life experiences affords you.


These ladies and gentlemen inspired my first series. I wanted to use my brush to tell their stories.

My pictorial world is inhabited by women, men and kids with dreams and realities, who are the main character in their lives. They create their own lives, free of stereotypes and prejudice. I paint portraits of people who bring me curiosity or joy.


With my artwork I give the viewers the opportunity to play and be curious about the people portrayed in it. I invite them to be Sherlock Holmes and to make a story for this people that they have never met, trying to guess who they are, what is their past or their future.


Collage, Acrylic and Encaustic are the main Media used on my artworks. In my paintings figurative portraits come forth from the chaos of powerful abstract backgrounds full of textures and colors. Always seeking balance, my balance.  


1995          MFA, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.

Juried Exhibitions

2017            Mezcla: August 4-24. VAE, Raleigh, NC. 

                    Multiples: December 1-23. VAE, Raleigh, NC.

                    15th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, December 4-January 12. Grace                               Mills River, NC.

                    Open, Art Exhibition, December1-February 1. ART ROOM online                               Gallery

2018            10th Annual Art Gala: March 3. North Ridge Country Club, Raleigh,                           NC.

                    At the Surface: March 23-May 4. Foundry Art Centre, Saint Charles,                           MO.

                    Nude Attitude. April 21-May 20. Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL.

                    46th International Art Show. April 26-May 26. Brownsville Museum of                       Fine Arts, Brownsville, TX.


                    23rd Annual Juried Exhibition. May 18-June 30. Fine Arts League of                           Cary, Cary, NC.

                    Walking Tour of Art. June 2018-May2019. PIEDMONT TRIAD                                 INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Greensboro, NC.

                    DAG 64th Annual Juried Exhibition. August 17-October 13. Sun Trust                       Gallery,Durham, NC.

                    9th Annual International Society of Acrylic Painters Online                                         International Open Exhibition. August 20. International Society of                               Acrylic Painters.

                    The Bicycle Art Meets Form. August 30- September 28.  Theatre Art                           Galleries, High Point, NC. 

                    7th Annual Juried Exhibition. September 1st-September 29th. JF                                 Gallery, Palm Beach, FL.

                    Color, Art Exhibition, September 1- October 4. ART ROOM  online                           Gallery.



Group Exhibitions

2017           Noise: December 5-10. The Fearless artist popup Gallery (Art Basel                            Week)Miami, FL.

2018           DAG Members Showcase. April 6-June 9. Sun Trust Gallery, Durham,                        NC.

                   Gallery Hall. July 7-July 30. North Ridge Country Club, Raleigh, NC.

                   Winter Show 2018. December 2- January 18. GreenHill, Greensboro,  




Solo Exhibitions       


2018           Keep the Kid Inside You Alive, June 29-August 10.  Gallery III,                                  Foundry Art Center, Saint Charles, MO. 

                   Keep the Kid Inside You Alive, September 2018- February 2019. DGA                        Lobby at Castalia At Meadowmont, Chappel Hill, NC. 

Art Fairs

2018           Artrooms Fair London 2019 Edition. January 11-13. Artrooms                                     International Contemporary Art Fair for Independent Artist. London,                          UK. 


2017            Honorable Mention, 15th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Grace Mills                           River, NC.

2018            Honorable Mention, Open, Art Exhibition. ART ROOM online                                     Gallery. 

                    First Place, At the Surface, Foundry Art Centre, Saint Charles, MO. 

                    Second Place in the Mixed Media Category, 46th International Art                               Show, Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts, Brownsville, TX.



2018              Studio Visit Magazine Winter 2018, # 39. Summer 2018, #41. A series                         of juried artist books, produced by the publishes of New Americans                             Painters and distributed to 2.000 of the nation´s top galleries and                                 curators.


                    Creativpaper Magazine. Vol 002. Issue 009

                    Member of Artist Directory.  Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.